Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in photos

You know that your week was crazy when... 

Yea, it was one of those weeks.  I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, I feel old just saying that.  It was another great week, just filled with things you didn't know would happen and didn't always want to happen but I choose to think: it happened because ____.  Yes, I come up with excuses for the bad things that happen, I mean do you really think they will do it for themselves?

Hope you enjoy my week undone

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell...

If you haven't gotten it yet: I LOVE FALL AND WINTER!  I'm like a kid on 12 pixie sticks when it comes to these seasons.  Maybe it is because of all the amazing clothes I get to wear or maybe it is because of the fact that I can see my breath or even better yet it is because of all the holidays that happen.  Labor day is kind of in the fall, Columbus day (that's totally a holiday you celebrate right?), Veteran's day, Thanksgiving (amazing food, I feel my pants getting tighter just at the thought), over four people in my family have b'days in November (including my husband!), more family members have b'days in December (most importantly is... ME, you thought I was going to say Jesus... I probably should have) and Christmas!  Yes, I am already thinking of it... so excited to decorate!  Anywhoooo... on to the edit!



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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free... fan of free

Yet another editing challenge!

Here we go....



Pulled out the color through a cream tint, pulled up the light and added a glow and then pulled down the shadows a bit. Again all done with Picasa

Dun dun da du dun...

Walked in with a bustle of other women all rushing to get their chance to see all the booths.  From the entry way with a talented man who plays the bag pipes to Elegant Events and personal keepsake profiles... the booths just keep coming as do the brides as the rush in looking around with eager eyes as to not miss a thing, my sister was no exception.  Almost as if she were pollinating she made her way around the room.  Stopping to see the many talented photographers, DJ and so many other services!  It was great to see Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Wake Forest Portrait shoppe.  Even the Embassy Suite's Catering Director was down greeting brides and offering their spectacular packages, I'm serious it ALL is included.

It was interesting to attend a show as a maid of honor instead of a vendor.  I hope you enjoy the shots as much as I had taking them!  

and then, she {snapped}

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Point of post

When Chris and I got married we registered like most couples and like most couples we know, we didn't get much off our list.  One of the few things we bought off our list with gift cards was this wall hanging.  Chris and I are lovers of wine, more red but whites are ok too ;P  It is one purchase that I am still glad we made...   Unlike the cliche, I don't like spending money and usually wish I hadn't made the purchase.  From the random to the point of the post...



Pulled up the light (fill and high light), I pulled down the shadows a bit.  I saturated the color a small amount and warmed up the palette a small bit too.  Simple, done in a few minutes and free (Picasa!)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorite Photo from summer

I heart faces challenge this week was to pick my favorite photo from this summer... after long consideration *drum roll please...

Out of the element but still real

Do you ever wish to just be... oh a great deal many things?  I wish to write a piece of art.  A work that makes life.  No, not simple something come to life but life itself.  I wish to travel the globe touching peoples life.  As very "Green peace" as this may seem.  I love to make someone having a bad day smile.  I want to lift spirits.  I want to spread the joy, the joy I have but not of me.  I want to make a difference to people.  Much like most I have always been the person who roots for the underdog, who longs to make the lost looking person in the class seem at home.  I want to write a musical and see it come to life.  I want to bake.  For no reason other than to make things tasty and that taste great with milk.  I want to cook a 7 course meal and actual want to eat it by the end (always get sick of what I am cooking by the time the tasting and prep is done).  I want to capture the beauty that is this life... this gift that we have been given.  No matter how long we are here... I want to enjoy each moment.  I want not to have to remind myself not to have to stress over the small things or to relax and let go of my irritation over not getting my way.  I want life.  I want it fully.  I want joy and I want it unceasing.  I want inspiration and the drive to follow it.

It is for all of these reasons that I do what I do.

 My deepest desire with my photography: I want to capture of the moments that pass by, both big and small.

This is a seemingly out of "style" post.  More often then not I share the way I have captured life, and done mostly with sarcastic quibs, but let's be honest that is really me.  But amidst my love of humor and my limited ability to deliver my lines, forcing me to go the my standard: sarcasm, there is this deep seated desire.  It gets overwhelming when I stop to think about it.  I feel silly.  Silly that I could legitimately desire so much and actually want to follow after it all.  Mortified that I can't seem to follow after "one" dream.  My dear sister in law once told me "It is great you have a generous heart and with it so many desires but you can only be great at a limited number of things.  There is that saying 'If you're going to wear a lot of hats, they got to be small ones'."  Is it true I'm doomed to mediocrity?  Is that acceptable?

This is an odd thing to share, I know oh too well.  If and when I press "Publish Post" I may or may not have a quivering hand.  It is one thing for this reformed isolationist to divulge to my dear close friends but to place my inner thoughts out onto the "bidding table" is a whole other story.  For many this is way more than you ever wanted to know, and if so that's fine you are more then welcome to laugh it off for it is what I would do. I feel the need to share it because I stated from the beginning that I wanted to be real.  To show the "real" me, ugly and imperfect as it may be.

It's fall!

I can't believe it is fall already!  I'm in love with cool weather.  The clothes, the leaves changing color, the fact that you can see your breath.... all too great!  Do you enjoy this blessed weather (yes, I did just make it impossible for you to say you hate it ;P), and seeing as the answer is of course yes: what do you like about it?

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