Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Okay so I was reading something the other day when the lady being interviewed mentioned the idea of Highway hypnosis.  We all know it; both celebrated for the time that escaped but also terrified that you weren't paying attention, or is that just me?  Anywhoooo, the lady in the article was mentioning how driving on the highway is a great time to reflect and relax.  How the lady described using highway driving as a mini down time "Ignore the exits, set the cruise control and drift"... it kind of sounded like it was backwards?  Like the anti-driving school.

I mean I'm all for double tasking, you can ask my poor husband: sitting still is not a strong suit for me, but... even I'm thinking not the best time to multitask.

Monday, January 30, 2023


I can't wear white pants.  It isn't because I have a big beautiful butt or anything that wonderful (I'm pretty much concave back there) it is because of something so wrong: I'm a clutz.  I'm pretty sure I have owned one pair of white pants, they were way back in the day and they were jeans... straight leg. You know what I'm talking about baggy at the hips and somehow despite being "straight legs" tight around the ankles.  It could have been God stopping the tragedy that was those pants but within a few minutes of leaving the house in those wonderfully awful pair of white pants I sat on chocolate... Like a whole bar of chocolate.

It's like if you wear a white top you end up eating something with red sauce/juice.  Well... that's me all the time.  The sad thing is I was a really graceful child... then puberty came and wrecked it all.  I was one of those 6th graders that towered over all the rest of the class... you know shot up way too many inches too quickly... never was able to get back the small reign of grace I had as a child.  Now I make not qualms, I pretty much should keep a bib with me at all times (reasons I love lobster... ).

The trade off hypothesis

I think God gives a trade off.  You may be awesome at math but....  Like my brother Aaron, pretty sure his egg kicked all the other kids eggs but instead of taking their lunch money he stole of our eye hand coordination, he is great at EVERY sport.  Never played golf before: picked up his club and rang in under 80.  Never played Frisbee golf: hole in one!  His trade off... well I'm still trying to figure it out but I'm sure there is one there: I got faith in my God gives "trade offs" hypothesis.

Implied above, I'm terrible at EVERY sport.  Though you didn't know it possible: I have gotten a zero with bumpers.  Physics seem to make that impossible but it's not... I've seen it done, by me.  No, I'm not talking one round... I'm talking the whole game all ten things (what are those called... inning is baseball, round is golf...?)  Golf: "Oh... yea, that was just a practice swing... as was that... and that?Kickball..."The ball is coming coming... and goes right past"  You name it: I'm horrible and I'm okay with it, at this point I own it.  My slogan: you want to feel great about yourself, play a sport with me!

My trade off is photography... or more accurately photographing people.  It's probably my self deprecating nature but I enjoy trying to make relaxed safe environment for people to just be themselves.  I'm totally okay with you laughing at me... pretty sure that's what I'm doing most of the time.

My trade off could also be my dashing...  Nope that's it my use of -'s ... it's pretty amazing and grammatically accurate.

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