Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Life Happened"

... then we go to visit your sister.  Then we have the conference.

You name it between you and me, Chris and I have done it.  He have gone all over the place with hectic schedules... all save for go on a vacation since our honeymoon.  It was almost 4 years ago that we last donned our sun hats and took to... well absolutely nothing!

Life just seemed to get in the way.  Time off was hard to come by, money was even harder and to have both at the same time seemed like a dream.  So each year we would save what we could for our "dream".  In the mean time we took a mini vacation.  

Back in the while ago, when I was more responsible with my blog postings I was honored enough to win a nights stay at The Kings Daughter Inn in Durham, NC.  Like all things me I kept stalling on using it because "What about when...????"  Enough was enough: I called got tickets to a Durham Bulls game and off we Goooooo... (yes, we did have capes and full body Lycra suits)

Like the true tourists we were, despite living less than an hour away, we slowly drive our way through downtown, taking just enough time to miss street signs.  A small drive takes you to The Kings Daughter Inn's parking and patio.  Scattered benches and bistro sets  sit about waiting for use.  Just across the way lays the grassy fields, gazebos, benches and a walking path that circles the Duke campus.  The historic wide stair cases and the beautiful hardwood floors take you to friendly staff awating to take you to your room and bring you tea upon your request.

"Each room is completely different?" Casting a smirk to my knowing husband.  "Yes, we can go look at all of them."

After our tour we took a bike ride on their complimentary bicycles just before returning to enjoy our baseball game.  It was dollar concessions night, how can you turn that down.  "Um... I guess 13 hot dogs and 5 fries will do..."

Couldn't help but take this... too big a fan!

Filled with too many hot dogs and the most wonderful Italian ice (always get lemon... don't let them fool you) we returned to not only the average turn down and chocolate but port and truffles.  I mean really, but then again I love truffles.  Though both were amazing it got me wondering where the tradition of chocolate before bed started?  Sounds crazy to me but then again I'm a bit obsessed with my teeth, so I'm not the best judge.

A few pouts and with the help of Chris actually pulling me out of bed I thumped my way downstairs, did I mention I don't like waking up... not so much mornings but they go hand in hand so kind of.  This particular morning I wasn't greated with the fact and necessity of making my own breakfast, and yes, breakfast is a necessity at least if you are me.  Before I got a chance to even look at the hot breakfast menu I was greeted by almost dancing breakfast pastries begging to be eaten. . . a mini buffet of beverages, cereals, fruit and yogurt.  Finally at my table thinking I had made a pretty great heaping plate when I finally get around to ordering my hot breakfast, I told you breakfast is a necessity:  their famous Chocolate Chip Waffles.  Unfortunately they were so delicious that Chris and I ate them with so much haste I forgot to snap a shot.

We walked away pampered and wishing all our friends and family to come enjoy this little bit of "dream" if only for a night.


  1. Ooh! Pick me, pick me! Sounds like a great "stay-cation" spot for us!

  2. sounds so fun:) - amanda

    1. I would totally pay for the stay to see you! :P

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  4. It was a pleasure hosting you! We hope you will come again for another "slice of heaven"! ~The King's Daughters Inn