Friday, October 26, 2012

Derek and Emily

Friends sitting on a couch, snowed in for the day.  Stolen glances, finger grazing each other...Derek and Emily went from being friends to being in love.  

I love when I get to become friends with a bride, it is pretty much the best but on occasion I am allowed a great honor of being a part of a friends wedding.  Derek and Emily's wedding was one of these rare occasions.

I met Derrick years ago in College.  Year past and inches of hair grew (on his end) and where hacked off yet again, till one day he came over elated.  "She's fantastic" he announced to Chris and me.  We met Emily not too long afterwards and we fell in love too.  Her beauty and contagious laughter were enthralling to all of us.  She and I became fast friends and I teased Derek, "If you don't marry her I will." He didn't need my tease to know what he had found and not too long he found himself on his knees in the mountains declaring his love.

On the day of the wedding Emily was as beautiful as ever, calm and waiting for the moment when she got to marry the love of her life.  Excited laughter filled the girls dressing area just moments before the line up began.