Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty sure we, in NC, have never had such a British Isles weather in a really long time.  I feel like it might be time for some tea and scones!

Do you ever have one of those days that you continuously feel like left something or forgot something?  Today is one of those days.  My husband and I are playing house/mom and dad for a few days watching over my neices and nephew for a few days while their parents are out of town but I have a sneaking suspicion that I forgot something key like clothes... though I checked everything more than twice.  

But that's me.



Darkened up the shadows a bit and pulled down the cool hues a bit.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Psycho, I'll admit it

I know everyone does but I don't think you understand to the depths of how I am: how much I love sugar and sweets.  I fight off the urge to down a half gallon of ice cream in one day. . . after finishing off a pie I happened to have lying around.  So when I say I love sweets you now have a glimpse as to what I mean (as wrong as it may be) so when I say to you: I don't like cookies alarms should go off.  It is something I have yet to figure out.  I really don't understand it. I like dough, and almost every kind but something happens in the baking process and they turn all... no, not good.  I have over the years tried and retried all the cookies I could think of trying to get to like them.  But alas, I only like warm peanut butter cookies (ironically I do not like it as dough), oh and I can occasionally enjoy a chocolate chip cookie if it is completely smothered in ice cream.  I KNOW!  What type of psycho doesn't like chocolate chip cookies... me?

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3. Rusty or Something Old

4. Artificial

5. Repeating patterns

Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't say "Won't"

Late to join up I know but I broke down and wrote goals.  I have an issue with "resolutions" because so often they don't happen.  If I want to do something I like to do it right then and there... I do get this doesn't work all the time but I don't care/I ignore my systems faults, the best way right?

I get that "goals" aren't the same thing as "resolutions" but it is a list of things that you can't do right now... and may not happen.  I don't do well with expectation without realization.  It is a fault of mine.  Due to this fault I don't generally write goals down but this year I broke down and wrote some for my business.  The best way I can see of making the goals I made happen is by sharing them so that "failure is not an option".

Goals for 2012

  • Make the dive finally: invest in Photoshop (yes, Picasa you are still my first love and I will always remember you but you simple do not do all that I need).
  • I give myself this year to master Photoshop
  • I am going to increase the amount of booked weddings this year by 20%
  • Reveal the CHANGE! (Insert evil laugh)
  • Get either a 24mm 1.4 or a new zoom 70-300mm. (cause you know they are the same?)
  • Spend more time behind the camera and in front of it (the best way to get better at posing is to force yourself to be the person posing)

And finally:

  • Giving up is not an option

I talk a big talk. I am big and ferocious in a lot of ways. You say I can't do something and I will definitely do it whether I wanted to or not, just to prove you wrong. I was raised to be confident, never take no as an answer and not apologize for the perfection, for which I was to strive. But this. . . this one small thing I am unsure and timid and worried I'll fail and insecure. This past year has been a battle for me and in the end "Giving up is not an option" is where I have found myself. No matter my insecurities, worries or concerns about failure: I will not give up.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little too pragmatic

I don't really like cut flowers.  This sounds horrible but I prefer potted plants.  It is like buys something that will be dead.  Don't get me wrong I think they are really pretty and I always appreciate them but... in the end they die.  I'm a bit to pragmatic for my own good.  This is my solution for when I do get them. . .



Pulled up the light, highlights, warm tones and brightened up the colors a bit before adjusting the shadows. (Picasa)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. and Mrs

Drum roll please. . .

You've seen the parties. . .

You've seen the prep work. . .

Now. . .
(yes, all the ellipsis are necessary)

After all this time and prep... 

It's time Introduce you to

 Mr. and Mrs. My sister got married!

Did you love the anticipation?  I did, pretty sure I'm so good at it I should get an Oscar for my award winning work of typing ellipsis.

Yep, It's finally here some pictures from the wedding!  Hope you enjoy my sister's first day of marital ... well I hate to jinx her and say bliss so I will end with Married?

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