Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walk this way!

I have always found it odd rehearsing how to walk a straight line.  I understand it literally benefits but whenever I am apart of a rehearsal I always stop to question the necessity of practicing walking.   All the same we walked!  And I might add I walked well, pretty sure I am the best walker ever?

Any which way it was the first time for a lot of the different family members to get a chance to meet each other.

It was interesting to see just how much family Sarah was about to inherit... and I thought Christmas was long this year : D. 


  1. "Practice walking". LOL Too funny and so true.

  2. I always wondered, until I was in my brother's wedding and their coordinator was very particular about how we stepped and the timing- we def neeeded to practice :)

  3. You captured some nice pics to remember the night by!

  4. Allison: Groomzilla? Sounds like an interesting process