Thursday, January 5, 2012

To capture the moments...

I love capturing a moment.  As Jasmine Star would say capturing the "life in the in between", the real life moments.  When helping bride's and grooms into positions and poses, it is the real emotions and reactions between the pose, those are the forever moments.  The way she leans in to rest her head enjoying their closeness.  The way he whispers "I love you".  No matter the occasion those are moments I love.  

This is one of those moments.  Christmas Eve my family all gathers around the tree.  Paper flies in all directions.  Children squeal in excitement and run to show off their new prize to their waiting mother.



Pulled up the warmer tones, pulled up the light a bit, added a glow, and pulled out the reds a bit more.


  1. Great job! I love seeing "before and afters" and learning the process. Thanks!