Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't say "Won't"

Late to join up I know but I broke down and wrote goals.  I have an issue with "resolutions" because so often they don't happen.  If I want to do something I like to do it right then and there... I do get this doesn't work all the time but I don't care/I ignore my systems faults, the best way right?

I get that "goals" aren't the same thing as "resolutions" but it is a list of things that you can't do right now... and may not happen.  I don't do well with expectation without realization.  It is a fault of mine.  Due to this fault I don't generally write goals down but this year I broke down and wrote some for my business.  The best way I can see of making the goals I made happen is by sharing them so that "failure is not an option".

Goals for 2012

  • Make the dive finally: invest in Photoshop (yes, Picasa you are still my first love and I will always remember you but you simple do not do all that I need).
  • I give myself this year to master Photoshop
  • I am going to increase the amount of booked weddings this year by 20%
  • Reveal the CHANGE! (Insert evil laugh)
  • Get either a 24mm 1.4 or a new zoom 70-300mm. (cause you know they are the same?)
  • Spend more time behind the camera and in front of it (the best way to get better at posing is to force yourself to be the person posing)

And finally:

  • Giving up is not an option

I talk a big talk. I am big and ferocious in a lot of ways. You say I can't do something and I will definitely do it whether I wanted to or not, just to prove you wrong. I was raised to be confident, never take no as an answer and not apologize for the perfection, for which I was to strive. But this. . . this one small thing I am unsure and timid and worried I'll fail and insecure. This past year has been a battle for me and in the end "Giving up is not an option" is where I have found myself. No matter my insecurities, worries or concerns about failure: I will not give up.

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  1. Oh you are so right! Goals are better, and I admire and respect yours. Good for you.
    And I love your image it's gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thanks for the respect! Like I said goals are iffy (yes that is a word :D) to me but I thought I should take the dive

  2. I love photoshop for editing and playing, but I still use picasa for organizing and accessing my photos. I haven't found anything that does this as well as picasa.

    1. I know it is pretty fantastic all the ways you can organize your pictures

  3. A great shot!
    Happy Friday to you!

  4. You go girl! You can do it. By the way I am the same way about resolutions. I keep an ongoing list of goals though. I re-evaluate them almost monthly.

    1. You and me both. Maybe we should keep each other accountable! ;P

  5. Good for you Rachel, and all of these sound very realistic!

    1. Thanks Lisa, that was my goal. . . tehee (my husband's teacher humor poping in) I wanted realistic for my first year