Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost and forgotten?

First off on this first day of this brand new year:

Sorry for ditching for a week without a word.  I took the time off for many reasons but I should have told you where I was and what I was doing... but I guess that's what I'll do now.

Reasons I left you like old soup for a week:
Shooting a wedding just before Christmas
Christmas: plain and simple much like everyone else I had a lot to do and lots of family
My brother who works 90 hours a week took the week off.
My sister gets married in 5 days.  In the true Sarah way everything has been left till the very last moment.  

Those in a nutshell are the gist of why I left you all... 

But to start this year off right I wish you a GREAT (no, not just good but GREAT) New year!

And a belated Christmas!

Scattered Horizons
Sunday SnapshotSOOC Saturday
Got to love the picture right?!  It is a tradition we started our first Christmas.  My husband's parents give us PJ's every year for Christmas and so we wear them opening up our presents on Christmas and take one super sleepy picture to show proof... in a way but also cause it is always fun to see what our hair will be doing (I must say that Chris usually beats me out for wacky hair though).

So to you all out here in Bloggersville (yes, it's official we have been deemed a town) I wish you all the best this coming year.  May it be grand!


  1. Love the pic and the tradition! I’m hosting a new photo challenge called Simply Silver Sunday. Hope you will stop by and enter. Please visitSimply Silver
    for details. Thanks! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy 2012! Cannot wait to see photos from your sisters wedding!!

  3. I think it's going to be a fabulous year!!!! Can't wait to see all you have going on

  4. Great shot. Glad you linked up with us. :)

  5. great photo. we used to do that years ago. now we're old and dont do it anymore...maybe this year.

  6. Fun photo Rachel! So happy you had a great Christmas...all the best in the new year! :) Rebecca

  7. Thanks for all the well wishes, may each of you enjoy a greatly blessed year!