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"Our experience with Crinkle Photography was amazing! They were very professional and had some very good and creative ideas that they brought to our engagement photo session. They allowed us to be who were are, captured that on film, and even helped us gather all our props and bags as we headed to different spots at our location! Very willing to serve the couple and do it with a smile! I would highly recommended them to anyone who is looking for a photographer to capture their special day or event or moment!"

-Allison Leigh Cook (soon to be Chasin) and Scott Chasin

"Chris and Rachel are an incredible team. They know their way around weddings and special events better than most. They also know how to work with people in order to get great shots. Both of them are very artistic and know how to capture that special moment that you always want to remember. The pictures of my weddings are not just pictures, they are memories beautifully captured by Rachel. Anybody that sees the pictures love them. Chris and Rachel are also amazing editors. They know what looks good, fun, and classy."

- Eunice and Justin Deal 

" Very encouraging and knowledgeable. Seeks to bring out and balance personal taste as well as professional technique."

-Joey Tomazin

"Crinkle provided us with pictures that were more comfortable and natural than we could have ever hoped for. After years of awkward photoshoots in our pasts, it's nice to have some photographs that just feel right. Rachel knows exactly what you want to get, and will get exactly what she knows you will want to see. In our experience, choosing Crinkle is choosing well."

- Aaron & Allison Ladd

"For my pregnancy shoot, I wanted to show the love and care of my two boys for their soon-to-arrive sister.  Of course, my goals are often different from those of my 3 year old and 1 year old, so their cooperation did not go as I had planned.  Rachel Tatem kept her cool, even if I didn't (8 months pregnant and asking 2 crazy boys to cooperate), and instead of coercing anyone to look at a camera or hold their breath and hop on one foot, she remained focused (both in her mind and through the lens of her camera).  I thought the whole shoot was wasted on my boys' lack of interest and defiance, but miracle upon miracle -- Rachel Tatem captured the glimpses of cuteness, affection, mischief and adoration on the faces and in the body language of my two sons.  Pregnancy is a state of mind and a state of being.  Third pregnancy, eighth month, very little brain power left... My photo shoot was fun, comfortable and for once I didn't have to think or call the shots.  Thank you, Rachel, for the gift of pictures to cherish forever and always!"

-Gwendolyn Mattern