Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm in love with water.

You think I joke but no really: I have an affair going on with water.  I like water to drink.  I love water to cook.  I love water to splash on my face.  I love the clean feeling a nice shower can have.  I love frozen water.  When sick I love vaporized water.  I love misters at theme parks.  I love relaxing in a tub of hot water and oils after a long day.  I love sprinklers that remind you of when it was ok to run around your lawn in your bathing suit and be entertained by a hose with holes and I desperately and passionately love water that is large enough in which I can submerge myself.

I love swimming in that submerge-able water.  I can't get enough of swimming.  Never have been able to, since I was a kid.  As a small child I would stay in the pool till that very last second.  You know what I am talking about.  Your mom called you said you have 5 min.  You wait till your mom has packed everything up and is starting to walk towards the car and you slowly (keeping yourself fully submerged as long as possible) pull yourself out of the water and sadly make your way to the car.  Internally, since I am now the one who has to determine when that time to leave is, I am still that kid... 

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