Saturday, June 30, 2012

The kiddie pool catastrophe

Jets of water charge at my face as I quickly try to stop the leak.  How did this happen?  I was simply cleaning the bathroom.  If you follow my blog you will all know a few things about me:

I love photography
I love my husband
and I have a love/hate relationship with my fix-er-upper house

We took the venture three years ago to buy our first home and slowly we have been redoing it room by room.  Just a month ago we got to our last room: the main bathroom.  You'd think that it would have been a breaze considering I have already redone our kitchen and other bathroom.  My thoughts on the first day of deconstruction haunt me, "I got this!"

Have you ever seen the "Money Pit" with Tom Hanks?

Yea, everything that is normally easy was complicated and insane.  Installing a faucet is one of the most simple things why then did it take 5 days and 6 trips to Lowes and Home Depot to get it in?  "No, I really don't need that size.  You see by the faucet that I brought in I need 1/2 inch."  The lady in the blue vest looks at the faucet in my hands and declare, "That's not right.  You need the 3/8inch."  The determined and matter of fact tone did nothing for me, two deep breaths as I calm down the "ARE YOU CRAZY!  I'm literally holding the size I need!" to a much more polite, "Okay why don't we try the 3/8 inch and the 1/2 inch pipes and see what works."  As I finish a tightly clamped and trying to simulate a smile plasters across my face.

Driving home from my 4th trip to the hardware store windows rolled down and blasting the most angry ballad I could find playing across the air waves I pound my fist in the air with great virility and freedom at that moment knowing I was only minutes away from a completed bathroom.... Little did I know the I still had 3 more trips to  the store.

So needless to say that when I finally placed the facet in place and each pipe wound tight, hung the mirror and walked away last night thinking: "It is finished" I had no idea what was to happen this morning.

I walk in admiring our work and with a determined hand I go to make the bathroom sparkle or at least not have a thick layer of dust covering it.  I have made it through  most the bathroom slumped back and bruised knees from my deep desire for attention for detail when I move on to the bottom of the cabinet (oh yes, here's to being though).  My hand quickly and gently makes its way across the shelves when I notice that one of the water supply lines wasn't allowing a drawer to close.  "Simple enough" my thought as I reach to just slightly adjust the line.  It breaks off in my hand and with in moments the room is flooding with water.  Home alone I sit there hand glued to the pipe begging the furious water to quell and allow me the freedom to fix this.

As the water sprayed in all directions I couldn't help but start laughing, "On the bright side I had a very nice kiddie pool with built in sprinkler!"

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