Monday, July 2, 2012

Skitsofrantic in training

Okay, I feel like a melo-drama.  Between last weeks "wallowing" post and today.  I feel peppy.  And for no particular reason at all.  I want to be happy and spread the joy.  I feel like Chris from Parks and Recreation today, I literally thought when eating some tortilla chips "these are literally the best chips I have ever had" I'll blame that one on hunger but really?  I mean they were good tortilla chips but they were two days old... I feel like I must have a really low bar.

I'm pretty sure my emotions look like a baseball crowd after they had one too many beers and really really want the wave to make it all the way round.  I blame this on my internal nature.  I am a thinker.  Not just a thinker I can't stop thinking.  Great example of this my husband and I are newly married and the car is quite from probably less then three seconds but in my mind because of the trains of thought that have been passing through it has been minutes, I look over lovingly to my husband with a quandary, "So, whatcha thinkin?"  Chris stops drops his chin a bit with a pause he responds "Nothing" with a shake of his head.  "Nothing?  How could you be thinking nothing.  No one just sits and doesn't think"

Cause everyone is exactly like me right?


Or, I am totally the chick that when we get in an argument and you "Need to think"... yea, you might as well not come back cause no matter how long you are gone by the time you come back my anger will be the stuff of legend.  I am so ridiculous that I can realize that I don't remember what made me angry but I dismiss the lack of evidence or knowledge with "but he/she deserves my fury".

So yea, I think... a lot.  Pretty sure I got four skitsofrantics in my head all sharing their thoughts at the same time.

So all that to say that when I get super internal and I am trying to work things out on my own... they don't work out.  I tie myself up in knots trying to work out a "perfect plan"... and somehow I am crushed when it doesn't happen.

Flawed plan much?

All that to say,   take a deep breath and take a note from the ever so wise  (tongue in cheek) Finn from Glee, "Life's too short" and lick a lollipop and skip away...

You can leave off the last part but I advise it and I follow it.

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