Monday, July 23, 2012


With a half cocked smile and a bit too much arch in my eyebrow, "So... wanna take a trip?"

After hours in the car driving I got the feeling we were not going anywhere.  The scenery wasn't changing... lots of asphalt, as you'd expect, and trees.  State after state line was crossed and yet seemed all the same.  Some mountains, some flat but mostly just endless trees.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some trees.  I mean gives us the air we breath and all... plus most the time they aren't too bad to look at but at a certain point the eyes crave a bit more than trees.  After the fourth round of the Alphabet game we got creative, "Okay, this time only cars!"    

With legs cramped seemingly permanently, having consumed more fast food than I had in the last year we crossed the final state line.  Slowly we moved closer and closer to our destination: Detroit.  Techinically Auburn Hills but to all there and any looking in it is Detroit like Fredricksburg is DC... only more so.

As we drive through the city making our way just a bit north of town, the surreal world of empty charred cases of what used to be neighborhoods, businesses and homes fills my senses.    As we pass exit after exit of Detroit, passing the all famous 8 Mile Rd, I can't help but pull my face to the window like a small child enjoying the view on their first plane ride.  There was something so chaotically beautiful; such a quite beauty.  My fingers pawed at my camera wishing beyond hope for a chance to walk down those hollow roads and capture the sorrow and tranquility that I was feeling.  My mouth open and closed unsure of what to say.  The trip was to glance a few days life with my husbands newly relocated sister, and plans were made itineraries written... no room for roaming the broken streets.  Plus, Chris' family is a bit protective, so me semi petite and clamoring about with my beautiful DSLR...   All the same I hoped.

Despite my despair over photos that could not be this trip we had a blast.  I never thought of Detroit as a place to live... I simply thought of it as a dying town, a place forgotten.  I was wrong.  It is a beautiful city, and not just because I love ironic beauty but also for its Eastern Market.  The oldest local farmer's market in the USA.  It was huge.  Rows after rows, buildings after buildings all filled with flowers, fruit, vegetables and the best gluten free bakery ever!  (I eat wheat but I appreciate the skill)  As you walk in the crowd the market is filled with calls of  "4 for $10, Get them now!"  "Buy one get one, best berries in town!", the smell from the bread or locally made sausage made me want to stand in the center of the walk way close my eyes and just breath it in.  I wanted to walk up and down the rows talking to each vendor getting their story...

The river walk had a festival the days we were there.  It was the largest carnival I think I have ever seen that isn't declared a state fair.  Local art was displayed all across the walk, some more traditional and others more abstract... A pause at the guard rail protecting passers from the water separating our world from the next, Canada.

When I was first told about Ford Museum, "it's like a theme park but with no roller coasters but also kind like a museum" I wasn't sure what to make of it.  But it was great and that is actually a fitting description though it doesn't really help all the same.  In the village part you're given a chance to ride in a Model T and walk around in a small copy of what life was like when a Model T came out.  The Museum had more than just a history of cars as you would expect, it also had a civil rights section, history of furniture, pop culture, long rifles, farming equipment as well as an exhibit of presidential cars.  By the end of it I felt like I had walked a marathon but we got to see almost all of it save for the working factory tour.

But I think the thing I will miss the most, sorry it isn't the family... though I guess it should be but you just don't understand till you have had it is: Buddy's Pizza.  It is literally the best pizza I have ever put in my mouth... and I have been to Chicago and had their amazing local fair.  They serve their own recipe of Detroit's traditional Detroit style pizza.  More closely related to the deep dish of Chicago then New York's specialty.  You can ask my husband I am a crust fan.  Pretty much all I want in a pizza... in fact I am the horrible wife that will literally steal my husbands crust off the piece of pizza he has yet to eat.  At Buddy's I don't care if there is crust or not... I want all of it... till I'm sick!

A week after we got back I searched and search till I came across the recipie for the dough and sauce.  Chris and I worked all day to try and make our own Buddy's at home since they have no locations outside of  the Detroit area... sadly it was a fail but I will try again... and again till I get it, or at least close enough.

Point, if you get a chance go enjoy the beautiful city of Detroit and make sure to take time for pictures of the contrasting city.


  1. I live an hour north from Detroit but never been to the Farmers market, Ford museum and the board walk! Many of my friends been there and they said it's awesome. Well since it is still summer time to hit this places and enjoy the food and scenery. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekdays!

    1. You totally should and I will state right now: OH how I wish I had a buddy's near me! And please report back and tell me if you agree with my thoughts!

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  3. Next time we will go see those scary buildings, Rach! I love them too and we probably would have gone the afternoon we were downtown but the trip got cut short. Next time you can photograph old scary buildings to your heart's content! :)

    1. Ha ha! Love it! Somehow I missed the fact that 1) you moved to Detroit, and 2) that Rachel and Chris went to visit you there!

    2. Of course you did, but you are still "newly wed" (and incase you were curious people keep you in that category till you hit 10 years or have a kid I asked) :P