Friday, July 6, 2012

Goodbye dear friend

I slowly walk from room to room.  My hands softly caress the wall as I take in each wall.
"You ready?"  Chris asks peaks in and finds me in the kitchen.
His hand reaches out and fingers lace around mine, "Time to go?"
I silently nod to him as I shake my head to rid the silly tears that came to my eyes.  "It's only a house."
I can't help but watch the mirror as it our first real home shrinks in the background.

Just in time for us to finally finish our last project my husband took a job an hour away and after a few months of Chris getting up before dawn and home after dark we decided that as much as we loved our home, this life we were living was not worth it.  We started our hunt for a new home.  Months of looking seemed to lead no where and no real bites on our home and I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen when in one day we got three offers, all for our asking price.

It is silly but each room tells a story of our efforts.  Tells a story of a silly young couple trying to redo their kitchen and having to carry their stove in and out to cook during the process. (On a stove literally so bad that if you wanted to bake cookies you had to put them so close to the top burner that after rising they actually touched the burner and yet still managed to get burned on the bottom and dough like on the top.)  The story of the two of us working a triple shift just to coming home to a 90 degree house.  The story our first date in our new kitchen.  Every tile we put in place, every cabinet hung by us and we sat silent taking in all we had done.  Saying goodbye to past work friends and saying hello to dreams.  Dreams of my photography and now to Chris' dream of programming video games.

Ultimately it's just a house, but it will always be more to me.


  1. Replies
    1. No, just saying good bye for at least a year: lease

  2. whhhhhat?? i am catching up on your life right now. I have sooooooo many memories in that house. Making new friends, bachlorette parties, halloween, learning to dance, nc becomnig home!! am happy for you. But i know what you, i cried when we got rid of our first "home" our apt. - amanda

    1. It was so sad packing you all up... even if it was awesome the adventure ahead. Oh how I miss you lovely face! ;X