Friday, July 20, 2012

The intrigue

I have never lacked an affluence of words.  Never have I been a great speller, thanks mom: you were right, phonics does work for spelling? :P #homeschooled.  In my head I am a great writer, much like I can sing like Whitney Houston, dance like Neil Haskell, yes despite being a dude I can dance so amazing I match his amazing...ness, act... no so great so great about par with Scarlett Johanson less her sex appeal... so not much...

Point being I am delusional with image of all I could be... yet know the reality of it being less... not so sure of how far less for most people are polite enough to keep their thoughts to themselves... though being painfully honest I am like a friend of mine, remaining nameless, who always thinks it is better to know then not know... whatever the case may be.  I'm not so sure that I have though enough about everything to think I would always rather know then not know but I can admit pretty readily that in most things I would rather know then not know.

I came to the full and complete revelation after an enjoyable conversation with said/or not so said friend, followed by viewing the movie Social Network (an enjoyable and well done film if you haven't had the chance).   Some of you may recall the app "Face Smash", but for those of you who don't recall it was the idea of women you might have seen or know in passing being compared.  Unlike other systems it didn't ask the person to arbitrarily assign a number value but instead ranked by an either/or system.  "Left or Right? Which lady is more attractive?"  Women, in the very general sense, were appalled at this system of ranking/the ranking at all but while watching I couldn't help but think I would have like to know where exactly I would have settled.  The joy of external observation, it is something that you can't often gain with ease.

What would someone I have never really met but has seen me in passing say about my external beauty?  My ability to sing?  My dance moves?  I don't desire to take hold of their judgments and reassign my own internal value but it would be an interesting alkaline test.

How often do people actually tell the truth about what they think?  Without prejudice, without malice, without something in return...

The idea of pure knowledge.  The idea intrigues me.

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