Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nothing like feeling stupid

I love photography!  I love being able, being allowed in for a short time into people's lives to capture the moments between the frames.  The pictures that they don't know I take.  The ones that capture them just being, truly being who they are and comfortable in that.

As a way to make sure to challenge myself I look over other photographer's work over and over making sure to take in things at new angles, new poses, new lighting and make sure that I am not comfortable with being where I am.  Recently, within the last month or so, I came across Jasmine Star.  Do not ask me how I had missed her so far.  Maybe it was because I was looking for all forms of photography, maybe it was because I was looking at fashion for inspiration, maybe it was because I am just plain stupid ;P.  I don't know but I just came across her and am delighted to find this new form of collaboration that is brewing within the art of photography.  I love the joy for the art that is pushing past the territorial feeling that is so easily sprung.

I have been doing a lot of studying lately, new lenses.  New thoughts on straight on flash.  I have really enjoyed it.  If you have any suggestions.  Anything that you have enjoyed and/or thought humorous please share

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