Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why that name?

I have been asked a few times why did I ever choose to use "Crinkle Photography" for my business name.  Well you see it is a long and short story... so I will meld the two into a medium story?

Excuse me if this gets choppy I'm eating... chili... not really a desk friendly dish... anyway.

Crinkle is the nickname my husband gave me.  Before he and I dated I hadn't really dated anyone else.  I wasn't a really open person (sounds strange since I know just put myself out there), I really wasn't.  I didn't like the idea of dating because I had intimacy issues.  Simple and straight forward I didn't want to let anyone close enough they could hurt me so I had a lot of rules that helped me not date or if I were to that they couldn't get close to me emotionally.  All that to say that Chris, my dear husband, was and is my only exception (when it comes to romantic relationships... I do have friends to whom I am now open) and thus I nicknamed him "exception".  After this name was dubbed he wanted a nickname of his own for me.

Still confused about Crinkle?

Well, it is because I haven't told you something about myself.  When I was 17 I was a passenger in a accident that was large enough that I needed to get xrays just to make sure nothing had gone wrong.  Nothing in the accident had gone wrong but somehow all my doctors had missed the fact that I had Scoliosis.  I am sure that most of you all know Scoliosis but for those of you who are, like I was, unsure of what it means exactly: it means a curving of the spine.   Simply I was crooked.  I knew that one of my hips was bigger than the other but would have never thought Scoliosis, because Scoliosis is a genetic disease and it doesn't run in my family. I am a privileged few that has Scoliosis because of birth defect.  Doctors don't really know why exactly, it just is.  Because it is in my lower back and it was found so late in puberty there wasn't much that could be done.

This picture was from my second xray so I was about 18 or so.

For the most part it doesn't have much affect on what I do (so long as I weight train and exercise a little) save for when I get tired I don't pay attention and jet off to one side.

Thus my dear, darling husband thought it SO cute to nickname me something to embody this defect: Crinkle.

And when I was thinking over what I could possibly name my business it seemed only fitting to include his darling nickname that has now, to me, become and endearment.


  1. I think Crinkle is such a sweet nickname! Love your story! So glad you were safe in the accident!

  2. WoW thats the first time I have seen that x-ray! Love the nickname though :)

  3. The accident was just a fender bender but the guy that hit the car that hit us was going full speed (a rocking 35mph) but when your completely stopped it is a little rough. But overall glad it happened... or it would be scary to think when I would have found out... ;P