Thursday, December 15, 2011

Got to love this season

Okay, you might not but I do.  The joys and fun that is all involved.  Every year on every Christmas for as long as I could remember my sister (and sometimes my three brothers) and I would all lay under our Christmas tree and look up at all the lights.  I remember imagining with my sister that we were shooting through space and the lights were different planets and stars we passed on the way to our next adventure or to fight of the space pirates, yes in my space world there were space pirates: deal with it, I did. ; P

If I had to choose only one thing that I would love to keep for always it would be my imagination.  When my mind goes and I sit aimlessly in some home years from now I hope that even if I am lost trapped in my mind that it could be a wonderful place to roam.



I unsaturated it a bit, I pulled it through a bit of a warm pink filter at about 20%, and I pulled up the light a bit. All thanks to the free Google editor Picasa. 

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  1. LOVE..

    Do you have any idea what the name is of the font you're using on here. I really like it and I've been looking for something new for my space:) THanks! Barefoot Mama

  2. Nicely done- I like that you lightened the edges a bit-

  3. What a beautiful post this is Rachel.

  4. Imagination is definitely the best!

  5. Barefoot Mama: It is a font called Crafty Girls.

    Thank you all!