Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ridiculous wonder

From the moment Thanksgiving came to a close I was eager to get a start on all things Christmas... Who am I kidding, I was eager well before then but I held off for the sake of my husband and ridiculosity.   So when I saw this weeks challenge I was more than excited to get started!

Days filled with all the average daily tasks it is nice to have something different.  Something to look forward to doing.  It is like going to a play or egg nog.  The infrequency almost makes it more special, makes it all the more enjoyable, makes it precious.  That's why I love Christmas.  It is something that I look forward to all year.  It is an event.  We get dressed up and we dress our houses up.  We take time to think of others, even if it may be begrudgingly ;P

I hope that you take a moment to enjoy the beauty of this season!



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Kate Eye


  1. Really cute ornament, and nice tones in the edit!

  2. love the ornament! I agree it's really cute!
    your photo is much more lighter! great job!

  3. Very nice - I like the light you've brought into the ornament.

  4. So pretty! Your edit looks great!

  5. Very pretty and cute all at once. :) I'm trying to enjoy the season, it's just SO busy! ha! Merry Christmas!

  6. Very pretty and I love the enhancement!

  7. That is such a happy ornament! I love the beautiful lights behind it.