Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever

There can be turkey or not.  Desserts can interchange but at every major holiday (including Easter) there had better be some sweet potatoes.  It was my joy to not have just one but two different types and they were both delectable thanks to on of my lovely sisters in law (though seeing as I have known her since I was three I'm pretty sure she is just a sister now).  

Thanksgiving morning I walked into the kitchen, smells swirled the air and as if "Touched by an Angel" the plate of sweet potatoes waiting was glistening in the sunlight.  To delectable and a perfectly lit moment I couldn't resist.  Man do I love holidays!


I pulled out the color and light a bit, I pulled in through a pale yellow filter at about 18%, then I sharpened a tiny pit, added a bit more saturation and warmed up the white balance and pulled it through a cream filter at about 12%

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