Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple is beautiful

Got to love how simple is beautiful. More often then not I hear brides talk about wanting their wedding to be beautiful and run in every direction to get everything perfect.  The most wonderful weddings I have ever been to were simple.  Simple doesn't mean small.  Simple means that 5 mason jars with candles make just as beautiful as 10 vases filled with a variety of flowers and fruit or whatever suits your fancy.  Simple means using the beauty of what is already around you.  



I pulled up the light, pulled up some warmth, pulled down the shadows and then added a bit of a glow effect. (Picasa)

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  1. Oh boy, do I ever agree with you! I went to a lot of weddings this summer, and the prettiest one of all was just in her yard, with candles hanging from the trees by string in mason jars. It was magic!

    So is your edit, by the way...


  2. I agree! My Thanksgiving centerpiece was antique books and mason jars with flowers. Perfect. Love your photo and your edit!

  3. There is just something about simple that takes the attention from all the decor and focuses it on what is happening and who it is happening to... I love it

  4. I love how you brighten the tones in the edit and I agree...simple is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for linking up with Tones on Tuesday!