Monday, October 3, 2011

Crazy awesome, yep that's me

...or just plan crazy.  Sitting here I visualize myself in "Taxi Driver" but not just as any role, no I am am the slightly insane Robert De Niro staring at the mirror asking for a challenge.  Do you ever have one of those days?  My hands can't quite seem to keep still, itching to do something they haven't let me in on.  I try reorganizing, no luck.  I try cleaning and taking pictures, yet my hands seem anxious for something, but won't let me in on the secret.


Tell:  I looked out side today and it was the first leaf down.  Sadly it fell brown... it had no joy to bring with it's reds, oranges or yellows... all the same it is the first leaf down and oh, so many more to come.

Still Life Standouts


  1. This was one of my favorites. Love.

  2. I have a real love affair with fall leaves- looking forward to many more photos of them.

  3. I'm afraid most of them are going to fall brown. Not enough rain lovely shot...Happy Shooting

  4. I get that restless feeling often... Lovely shot!