Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello world there a song that I'm singing...

Come'on get happy!  I know it's Monday... and that means a load of undesirable stuff my have just landed on you... but peer past the pile at the sunrise!  My sunshine on upper's husband rubbed off on me... which is good, except you now have to deal with the cheer.  Or I guess you could scroll past this section and go straight to the pictures... 

1. Inspired by a book or movie

2. Brown

3. Hazy

4. Coffee or Tea

5. Linger

Photography love...


  1. I'm really liking the simplicity of your compositions this week - just beautiful.

  2. Very beautiful photos u shared out there. Love the smoke in that coffee or tea photo.

  3. The tea shot is magical. In fact they are all beautiful and so simple.

  4. Hi Rachel! I love all of your photos this week, especially brown and coffee/tea.

    I just wanted to remind you that my link-up, Color Splash Sunday, is for selective color photos. I don't mind if you use a photo from the Scavenger Hunt, but if you want to link up, at least one of your photos should have selective coloring. And please also put either my CSS button or a link back to my blog. Thanks!

  5. All such wonderfu photos - particularly love your brown capture.

  6. Love your tea shot! I tried and tried to get the steam shot didn't work. I finally gave up but yours is awesome....

  7. I would loves some tea, thanks! ;)

    That first shot is so lovely and mysterious to me.

    Thanks for linking up for Miss Elaine-ous Monday - hope you'll join me again next week!

  8. Beautiful photos--I especially love your haze's so dreamy!