Monday, October 24, 2011

Nostalgic and we like it

One leg in and one leg out, it is how I feel sometimes... 

especially when I am trying to pick a cereal.  I can't seem to decided.  Why is it that decisions that is more important decisions I can make them with seeming ease but when it come to cereal I just want all of them.  I blame the cereal addict in me.

On to the challenge:  Though I do not have children, the word "memory" makes me nostalgic for my childhood... 


  1. childhood always seems to contain some of the best memories!! Cute shot & expression :)

  2. That is such a cute photo! I love her expression!

    I am totally indecisive when it comes to food choices - fortunately (or unfortunately) my food allergies determine which choice I can have.

  3. You have plenty of kiddos that you can shoot any time you are interested. :) Stay tuned, my site is going to be changing in the near future. Hint: My photography is about to make it's big introduction. Probably towards the end of November.