Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

  I am such a sucker for holidays.  Tonight is no exception.  Though I'm past the acceptable age to go to fall festivals or trick or treating (at a certain point it becomes creepy), I refuse to do nothing and not dress up.  So this year when we asked around and no one was doing anything we set about making a party!  What are your Halloween plans?

1. Macro/Close-Up

2. Found Texture (not applied; Exploring with a Camera theme: click HERE)

3. Home (Mortal Muses current theme - Friday will kick off Mosaic sure to link up)


Tell:  To be honest, I wasn't sure how to combine cover and a self portrait together... then I remembered my favorite hat.


  1. Dear Rachel,

    I love how you introduced each section and explained the category. It made it so much nicer for the viewer. It also connected the reader with a lot of the photo communities and community is a really good idea! I loved the leaves in the grass and the self-portrait...creative!


  2. This is an interesting collection. The apple head was a unique idea for "mortal", very creative.

  3. Beautiful collection - love the softness of your first two images.

  4. Love all of your pictures...I joined in this week for the first time..not a photographer as such but had fun...and then jotted on over to Monday meeting and talking with new friends!

  5. Nice set love the last one...

  6. Great set of photo's. - My favorite of course is the gorgeous tree photo.

  7. I like the light and focus in the image for "home".

    Happy MM

  8. Your cover shot is so clever!! And I really like it in b&w.

  9. lovin the hat! nice cover shot!

    you got yourself a new follower!! yay lucky you! :P

  10. Thanks for the compliments! And thanks for following Becky, I am lucky!

    I'm pretty sure I have never been a part of a community that is as encouraging and helpful as the blogging community, so thanks for letting me be a part of it.