Thursday, November 24, 2011

Overlooked, just like I like it.

Happy Turkey Day!  So many people get up set that Turkey day get's over looked by decorations and stores.  I am ever grateful for it's disregard.  It is one holiday that is not marked.  Probably due to not much marketable about "Thankfulness" or "Gratefulness" but all the same I love that it is an over looked holiday.  Don't get me wrong I don't like it when people over look Turkey day but more often then not, people aren't the ones forgetting.  They are the ones outraged by it's being forgotten.  So today, on top of all the world full of things to be grateful for, I am thankful that I get to celebrate and enjoy a simple family and food oriented day of fun.  

Enjoy a blessed and wonderfully crazy Thanksgiving!



Adjusted white balance, pulled up lights and warmed it up a bit.  Simple: always my preference.

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  1. Aww :) Happy Thanksgiving! And great before and after!

  2. I love the tones in your edit - hope you had a great Thanksgiving.