Monday, November 7, 2011

Ramblings and Nonsense

Do you ever have one of those days where you literally stop in the morning and think: where to start?  This morning was one of those mornings.  I mean don't get me wrong busy is better then not busy but I need to make time to clean my house too... just saying.  On today's list, outside of just talking with you lovely bloggers is a good bit of cleaning and prepping for tiling my bathroom.  Yup, I will be tiling my own bathroom.  I hope to get it done this week?  But I want it done for sure before Thanksgiving.  I need a push, I keep putting it off to do other things and it isn't that bad, I just need to do it. 

Enough ramblings about my life!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and please ramble about your life... I love to hear about your week, procrastinating chores and pretty much anything else you want to throw my way : D

1. Food

2. Purple

3. In Disguise

4. Shapes

5. Photographer's Choice


  1. These are amazing! I really love that last shot...Your Choice. It is so inspiring. I am so grateful I stopped by.

  2. Rambling is one of the best things ever, in fact it is my absolute favorite thing to do.

    Love your shots for the week. The apple one is just amazing.

  3. Oh, the last one should be on the on a cover of a glossy! And I am fetching myself an apple right now!

  4. Amazing shots! Love the last one especially... based on the comments, I'd say it's a hit.

  5. Love your shots this week. How did you manage to capture that last one - was it a photo session or did you happen upon the moment.

  6. Really liking your perspective on all of these shots - love the last one.

  7. Very creative! I love your apple shot! As the room in front of me is strewn with toys not only am I procrastinating but so are my children.

  8. Great photos. That last one is AMAZING! Love it!

  9. Cedar: I love the picture you created, I can almost see you there (ps, I am my there with you my coffee table has things strewn across it... ignored for the moment.

    Thank you all for the compliments.

    Stasha: to be honest I had to look up "Glossy"... whether you are referencing the magazine, awards or anything else: I blush.

    Got my camera: It was a combination of session and in the moment. My sister is getting married as I have mentioned before and we were out with them at a carnival and grabbed some posed shots and then hoped on the swings, I brought my camera along cause I thought it might end in a nice shot.

  10. I hope you have all great mornings the rest of this week : )