Monday, November 14, 2011

Visualize patience

Today is a day that I have to sit around and wait.  I don't mind to a degree cause I get to talk with you lovely bloggers out here in bloggersville but the impatient tantrum-ing child inside me isn't a big fan of the waiting.  Do you ever get tempted as I do to throw an adult tantrum?  "Days been too hard.  I WILL NOT deal with this" pretty much how my mind works... then I visual what it would actually look like if an adult threw a tantrum like a child.  The visual is so great more often then not the irritation that was caused initially is gone or at least abated.  So this is my "I don't have patience but need it" trick.  You got any other tricks that I can add to my sleeves?

1. Before...

and After:

2. Opposing Lines

3. Custom Bokeh

4. Which pair of shoes should I wear?

5. Little Features

Scattered HorizonsSunday Snapshot


  1. Love the before and after...and your last shot is so sweet!

  2. I love your first shot! beautiful bokeh and adorable pose!

  3. Great set, love your custom bokeh.

  4. Love how you captured the couples happiness. In both first and shoe shot :)

  5. At first I didn't get the before and after shot but now I get it.
    I think it was beyond me. (-:
    Ado at The Momalog

  6. Loved your set. I'm no good at waiting either! Hang in there!!

  7. Oh, that little features picture is precious!!!

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