Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today is the day.  It's finally here.  THE FIX.

I played around for a few days on whether to buy a ticket.  Why?  Because the closest location was 5 hrs away!!!  For a one day conference to drive 10 hrs sounded crazy.  I took the dive, bought the ticket and thought if nothing else the experience would be good to blog about.  

I am so glad I did.  For the past two years fully trying my hand at photography, it has been more than lonely.  For the most part when I reached out to photographers I lost fingers along the way.  I knew of no photographers in my area and knew nothing about the HUGE online community that I know of now.  Today, for the first time I will get to meet hundreds of other photographers that are are in the same boat as me.  Some at the front and some at my side but all here:

wanting to LEARN


                                  be TOGETHER

Today I will meet those who have given me encouragement.  Today I meet those who I do not know but struggle as I struggle.  Today I learn how to better my art, my business and my love.  Today I meet an amazing photographer: Jasmine Star.  Even if I only get to say two words I know what they will be: THANK YOU!

If for nothing else for this opportunity to meet with other photographers but for so much more.

Today, I start a new and hope to make life long friends in the process.

Today I drive a long time... : P


  1. Oh how exciting Rachel. Praying for safe travels and memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

    Can't wait to hear all about it♥

    1. Thanks for the prayers! I had a great time and you will all hear about it this coming week!

  2. Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful time! I am lucky to have Susan (the one who commented above) right across the street from me!

    1. I'm jealous! Seriously, that's awesome!