Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making choices and making friends?

My bucket list is a sad looking list.  It is filled with mostly everyday stuff. A great example is that I literally have eat at my local Chinese takeout.  Why?  No, I don't like Chinese food.  Simply because I think it has the most amazing name ever "#1 China Wok".  Because not only do they show you they are authentic by the bad grammar, not only do they tell you exactly what you are going to get from the experience, not only do they give you great expectations but they also are the first listing in the phone book for Chinese.  Brilliant.

Yes, I finally got did my passport... now if only I would mail it out?  It's on the list, let's see if I can get it done.

OH, on an even more exciting note:I have a coffee date with Jim Colman in an hour and I am more than a little psyched!  This will be my first real conversation with 
any other Raleigh photographer.  After the Fix I decided to reach out to some local photographers, to give it 
another shot since it went so poorly the first time round and I'm so glad I did.  


  1. where are you going??? visiting me?????????????????????? - amanda m