Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One small step for me?

The feeling, is so great.  My head fills with air and my arms look like I just consumed some cans of spinach!  I love figuring out how to do things. If my husband where here he would laugh at me and tell you this isn't true.  I guess the better way to say this is I love Google-ing how to do things and then doing them without help... well, any further help.

Today I got to do that.  I am by no means html code writer but with blogging I have gotten more comfortable with it and I just (so simple I know) figured out how to add an image to post here or anywhere without having to use an upload app... I can do it with HTML!

"What what!" *half pump/raising the roof (goes out to any Cougartown fans)

There is something so... amazing about it.  I feel like I could eat a whole container of ice cream and it wouldn't add a pound!  I feel like "The Underdog" super hero!

Small accomplishments people, be proud!


  1. haha...I know the feeling of getting more comfortable with that stuff on blogs. It's a great feeling when you start figuring stuff out ;)


    1. Yup yup! Glad you're in this with me!