Thursday, March 15, 2012

A week in the making

"The fight does not go to the strongest but to those who finish what they set out to do."
-Pastor and Father of Jasmine Star

It's been a week. A long and thought filled week since I was able to spend the day with some amazing photographers in DC at The Fix.  I walked you through my experience yesterday but today it is time for me to publicly announce what I want to change/to implement in my business.


Contact local photographers I admire/take the risk
Take the time to figure out what my brand should look like/what words do I want associated with my work and myself
Go through my portfolio and be more selective of the photos I share
Practice my photography at least three times a week (not including sessions)
Launch my new website before Summer

"Sacrifice doesn't guarantee success, it is merely a prerequisite for success."
- Jamsine Star

Since taking the time to jot down some of these goals this past weekend I decided to take some action on the things I could do immediately. I looked around online at some Raleigh photographers. I looked at what seemed like endless amounts of websites and finally decided on four photographers to contact. Four photographer's whose work I admired and I took the plunge and I messaged them.

I asked if they had room for a friend.  I don't want favors (though I never deny them), I didn't pour out with questions of advice but simply put I told them I was lonely and could really use a friend who understood what I was going through.

All four messaged me back. All four were kind and inviting. Two had moved out of the area but were still willing to be cyber friends. I got invited to join the Wedding Photographic Society chapter here in Raleigh and I am more than a little excited about the meeting at the end of the month!

"The getting there is success."
-Jasmine Star

One step in and I am ever grateful or the push!

Ps. Coming up with words that embody "you" is harder than you would think. Yes, Jasmine (though I doubt you're reading this) you said they should just come to mind... I'm sure I'm doing it all the wrong way but I promise that by this time next week I will have my three words... or maybe four...I'm guessing decisive won't be one of them : P


  1. That`s so awesome that you`ve already taken the plunge and have heard back from all 4 of them. Great goals you have set out for your self and good luck! How exciting :)

    1. They were so nice, not what I was expecting considering my first go at talking with local photographers just 2 years ago

  2. Great goals girl. It's nice to see you moving forward.

  3. Great post and great goals! Good Luck to you!

  4. Congratulations Rachel! It was so nice to meet you at the fix! If you are ever in MD again, I would love to set up a photo day with you!!!

    1. Sounds amazing! I'd love to hang out with you Desiree. You were a blast to hang with also. I'll definitely let you know if I get around there. I know that I get to Richmond pretty often (in-laws) so maybe we will be able to hook something up