Friday, March 16, 2012


The clicking of my heels can be heard as I cut a bee line for freezer aisle. My third stop in an hour and all because I forgot to grab a pie crust... the reason I went out.  Mentally chastising myself for being so fool hearty on such a hot March day, "You could be home right now enjoy a nice cold and tart lemonade!".  My feet stop as does the world stop spinning as I see my one true freezer love. 

I know The Fix just happened and I'm probably high on all the joy and encouragement but when I tell you that my love for this amazing product is solely due to its awesomeness you have to just believe me:

I found it.  It finally came. My heart stopped: Right mixed in with all the other half wit ice cream laid stacked the beautiful:


Don't ask me what this has to do with ice cream... I just liked it.

You think I joke but I don't.  This ice cream will change your view on ice cream. Don't believe me? I was raised on Bryers, and don't get me wrong Breyers fan's: Bryers is good just not THIS good.

Ice creams that are supposed to be crisp are crisp, ice creams that are supposed to be creamy are creamy. Each berry is crisp and almost juice as if fresh.  The chocolate is deep and melodic.

I have tried many a flavor and I have yet to come across one I don't like.

If Bluebell asked I'd have it's children... and the those kids would be tasty frozen dairy desserts... I would of course proseed to eat them but who can blame a girl when it is BLUEBELL!

You think I kid but literally: amazing!

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