Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter... ends?

I guess to some degree, being books, Harry Potter will never truly end but it is odd still to think this is the last  release related to the series.  I have become so kindred with the characters that to know that they won't surround me in a literal cultural sense as they have been is a weird thought.  They have inspired me to new thoughts, create new depth to my imagination... it is hard to imagine.

To stay off the this sad feeling I did something amazing and super difficult!  I hung my wands.  I clarify MY wands because despite them being in my house they are not both my husband and mine... no no, they are my wands.  Yes, I did need the whole set!  

Yes, this is our tribute to Harry Potter.

This is my husband's wand, he wanted this one in particular and who can blame him.  I mean really despite it looking awesom it was Sirus' wand, need we say more?

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