Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day Noire

The story of my 4th of July...

It was a hot day.  In the middle of the summer.  Being in North Carolina it was like you could swim through the air.  Sitting at home I slowly smush what I will eat later.  Waiting for the doorbell to ring and see an abnormally tall man and his red, white and blue decked out bride: my ride.

As I expected the door rang, scrambling I grab everything I had set aside and hope that I didn't forget anything.

Long rambling country roads, as we make our way to the awaited paradise of a day off near water.

We arrive to an empty house.

First thoughts weren't foul play but instead jealousy!  They are in the water!

There were lazy inner tubes strewn about for those wishing to relax or those whose energy had waned from all the water activities. 

Looking around eyeing all those already in the water, when out of nowhere a small being pops up.  With a deep breath I see it isn't' a merperson but simply a squid of a boy.  

I don't wonder at the abnormal amount of red, white and blue because of my vast intelligence I realize why I am there: Independence day, in fact I am among those emblazoned those colors (even brought my and Chris' red, white and blue bathing suits)

Toes were even adorned and decorated...

As time elapsed I notice some people disappearing but my reasoning told me that aliens hadn't taken them but  instead they were resting from water filled activities, because I am unbelievably intelligent. ;P

The watermelon was delicious but none thought so much as Ella./the water melon eating monster

Johnathan scared that his arm would be mistaken for watermelon watches the melon monster. 

Some are oblivious to the possible doom that might overtake their melon

But pacer/eraser man keeps a look out for all with the help of his side kick who helps with her ability to look up

Amanda became the monster side kick getting pulled in by her charms and "cuteness"... this eludes me and my large brain

More were pulled in

They show their teeth ready for an attack on the melons

Quinton how ever is oblivious to any melon or monsters due to his deep penetrating love of his corn pudding

Some where just in their own world protected by... baha BAAA Eraser Man!  and his side kick who helps with her ability to look up (to which I have already referenced... see further up)

Then the war broke out...

Beautiful and scary

In the end the melon monster fell asleep due to over exertion and all went peaceful till morning...

I know that some don't agree but these people are in family.  Not by blood, or legally but because of our love.  I love spending time with those I love, no matter what the activity but all the more so when it is a blast!

I hope that your celebration of our independence was enjoyable as mine.


  1. Woohoo! I'm sure mine was something close to yours . . . since I was there! (Protected by baha BAAA Eraser Man, no less!)

  2. ...love this! -Kev.