Monday, July 4, 2011

Literal but much more

My family is pretty patriotic.  My dad is a Vitetnam vet, all three of my Grandfathers are veterans too.  But in spite all of this I never knew how much people cared for the flag, the literal flag.  

Did you know that there are rules on not only when and where you can fly it but how it looks when you are flying it?

This is something I have learned from my new family (my in-laws and husband).  I knew some things like burning it was not ok and big things like that but nothing at all compared to what I know now.  I am sure that my parents mentioned it before or that it was stated in passing and I just missed it but I have never known a family that respects the flag as much as my new family.

It makes perfect sense too, my new dad is in the army (as I mentioned before) and has been for years and years.  He along with all those with him, before and in the future put their lives on the line to protect what that flag represents.

Today I urge you to, despite your feelings on anything politically natured ;P, respect the flag and the freedom it represents provided by much sacrifice!

Happy 4th!  I hope you enjoy it to the fullest for it is the only July 4th 2011 there will ever be!  Weird to think about... at least for me ;P 

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