Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No matter how far

It is always hard to say goodbye.  At least for me.  And it isn't just people either, in animate objects get my love too.  I keenly remember crying over a refrigerator. Yes yes, I know I am crazy.  

The odd thing with saying goodbye to people when they move is it isn't as if I feel as though I wont see them again.  It is simply the knowledge that it won't be the "same", that they won't be accessible.  That they will grow and change and life with come between us as if often does even when you live close.

I have friends who somehow there is an unwritten code understood by both parties that no matter the laspe in time or the distance of zip code we can pick up where we left off.  We may not know everything about each others life but through Facebook or blogging we get enough to know a gist and we can just exist with ease as if no time has passed.  This bond is like the "ecilpse" of relationships, when it happens it is a beautiful thing to behold.

All this to say that sadly this weekend I had to say goodbye to dear friends.  I will possibly get the chance to see them once or twice more before they move overseas for 3 years, untouchable save through extensive Facebook and Google+ stalking, and believe me Amanda, I'm stalking you.

It is hard to see a person to whom you are close leave you, no matter the good for them, selfishly you want to hide their luggage or do Jedi mind tricks.  Alas because of the love you simple let them go with a hug and prayers trailing after them.
These pictures are from one of our groups of friends saying goodbye to our leaving couple...

To Keith and Amanda: 

We love you dearly and have greatly enjoyed getting to know.  We sadly and reluctantly have released you to allow others to figure out how great you are.  Know that no matter where you go we will think of you and pray for you.


  1. awww you are soooo sweet!!!! i am going to miss you too. I am so thankful to have become such a great friends with you. You are such a blessing you have no idea.