Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things left out of my genes...

Ball hand coordination is something I have always lacked.  I blame it on a brother who is naturally awesome (no practice needed) at all ball related sports (from ping-pong to football).  I love the idea of sports.  Grabbing a ball and smiling as I shoot, throw, bounce, hit the ball... but what happens with me is that I drop, loose, miss, and pelt the ball in the wrong direction.  I like playing... but most don't like playing with me.  I went away for this past weekend  it was a challenge because we played a lot of sports.  Beneficially no one got upset at me and I evaded any games I could.  Again I do mean games, so long as there isn't a score involved I'm game but as soon as there are "points" outtie.  There is something about putting weight to what I do that makes me nervous, one wrong move and I could be the reason for everyone failing or worse the receiver of scorn.  I don't mind conflict and arguments so long as they are for a good reason... and yes, to me sports are not a good reason.

We played Disc golf

Basketball (I should state I didn't play this) 

Volleyball (played as soon as they quite taking score) 

 Bocce ball (now this one you can take score and I am ok, because it bocce ball... I mean really, who is going to get intense about bocce ball, plus I am always with Chris and he is never intense about games)


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