Friday, July 22, 2011

Out to play

This weekend is going to be great!  Do you know why?  OH, I DO!

I get to see my 2nd parents.  We are going to CO to see Chris' rents.  His dad is in the Army and has just arrived back and we get to go out for a few days and hang around.  Though we have gone and seen them in CO before this will be our first time in CO in the summer.  I am excited!  His dad has, as per usual, an iterator for the whole time we are there.

Part of this time will include a famous hike: THE INCLINE.

According to my Dad#2

"What is the incline? It’s an unforgettable, most difficult hike - one mile up in length - 2800 railroad ties (steps) - 2000 feet of vertical climb - and a three mile hike back down the Barr trail (most people run or jog down) - This is one serious workout.

Why do it? It’s a once in a life time opportunity worthy of your best efforts – it’s a very popular hiking trail (thousands do this trail daily), so we need to get there early (plan on leaving the house at 0530 on Monday 25 July) – we’ll be finished and back home by 0830 - a lot of people train on this trail, chugging up to the top in 40-60 minutes and racing back down in another 20-40 minutes - So we’ll be mindful of our speed (or lack thereof) and the pace of others behind you – it’s tradition to let faster hikers pass you with ease (step aside).

The trail is always full of people trudging or dashing up the wooden beams - the climb is difficult, but the views are stunning – the sun will rise to the east behind us and while most of the time you're looking at your footing, when you stop (for air) and look around, it's really worth it - you'll be above 7,000 feet, and your surroundings are pine trees and giant boulders.

There's a false summit, so if you're new to the trail, don't celebrate too early - about half-way up, there is a place where you can sneak over on the Barr Trail back down if it's too intense for you at that time.

There are wild animal concerns (bear, coyote, fox, wolf, elk/dear, mountain lion, and the like) but, stay on the trail and follow my instructions and we’ll be fine – there have been very few wild life incidents in this area but ‘seeing’ them is very common. 

Don’t forget to bring water (you will need it) – durable light weight running or hiking shoes – sunglasses, breathable or wicking shorts and shirt (dress light) – it will be cold (50-60 degrees) to start, but it heats up fast . 

Remember to stop and take in the views and take pics – remember to be safe, always ensure you have sure footing going up and down (many people trip and fall), eat a high protein dinner the night prior, heavy hydrate the 24 hours prior. "

To me this sounds amazing.  Yes, legs will be sore, lungs will scream for air and falling isn't an option but really how many times do you get this type of opportunity?  

But to give you an idea of our visit: this is just one item on our filled iterator!  

Can't wait to see you, #2 rents!

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