Thursday, July 7, 2011

Simple minded pampering

"Pamper yourself"  What does that mean?

I love the idea of pampering myself.  It is the reality that is hard to do.  I visualize scenes from millions of movies. "Spa days", $1000 shopping sprees and all the things that don't actually happen for most of us and I wonder if I could really do them.  If I haven't shared it before: I am super tight, evidence 1.  So the actual idea of going out shopping and spending $1000 makes my insides hurt.  My sister and I have actually talked about this before... the type of situation I would have to be in order that I could actually spend the money.  It would have to be with the stipulation that it would have to be used all in one day at one location and if I returned anything I wouldn't get the money from it.  Sad isn't it.  Otherwise I would use it on groceries and bills.

There is one shopping spree where I could spend $1000 and I wouldn't want to return it: Camera equipment.

Enough of the talk about what isn't pampering.

Pampering for me....

It is a smoothie, blended to perfection.
It is walking around hand in hand window shopping and talking through life with my husband.
It is snuggling up on the couch and laughing our way through Psych.
It is getting my hair played with.
It is sugar... made just how I want it in that moment.

And the great thing is that I usually get to have these pretty frequent!  So I guess I am the most spoiled person around ;P


  1. What lovely thoughts! I am a sugar junkie, too. And $1,000 for camera equipment would be a dream come true!

  2. What a great perspective :) I love smoothies and cuddling too! Stopping from Gussy!

  3. Stopping in from Gussy. Nice blog :)

  4. My mum also loves having her hair played with :) it's cute.