Friday, July 29, 2011

The Incline. . . of doom

So I said that I was super psyched about "The Incline"  well I was. . . just about till I was standing at the base of it ready to start the ladder climb that is the incline.  The pictures that are on Google and that I took just don't cover it.  They can't make you understand.   Imagine standing at the base of a mountain, allow your eye to follow the path at your feet all the way to the top.  Now imagine that whole long path at angles ranging from 45 degrees to upwards of 75 degrees.  To make this clear: stairs are a 45 degree angle, ladders leaned against a house are generally 65 degrees.  Does this help the visual?

While you are imaging, visualize me standing at the base of the mountain looking up winded from climbing the small hill that brings you to the base of the trail.  I sat there "waiting" for everyone else to get to the base before we started thinking, "this is crazy... no way I make it to the top".  One foot in front of the other I start the 1.5 mile path (not long you think, well it goes up 2000 feet in that 1.5 mile hike).  Not looking forward to make sure not to loose my footing I start feeling winded.  Thinking "I have had to have gone a bit by now" I look up to the top and realize it looks even further away then when I started.  How is it possible.

When we set out I was in the first group... mistake.  You see two people in this group are serious athletes and beasts.  Liz (the female soccer, track, volleyball, and you name it player) was practically jogging/speed walking up the mountain.  But thankfully everyone was willing to stop to take breathers. . .

To "enjoy the view", I can tell you right now I wasn't paying attention to anything past trying to suck in breath as much and as fast as I could.

And more breathers. . .

Looking at this view you would think we were there, unfortunately you would be dead wrong.  Not even half way.

And more breathers. . . Did I mention it is  2000 feet climb?

 I'm telling you that it must have been an escalator trying to move us down because I felt like I never made forward movement.  To extend your red faced, wind sucking and sweaty visual you have of me, now add a bear crawl.  Yes, I did resort to a bear crawl.  I don't care if you laugh, it works!

Still not there. . .

Though there was pain and at points I just wanted to give in and let my lungs collapse, I made it.  I actually got to the top second (behind what I am now pretty sure isn't really human: Liz) then Trent (other beast of an athelete) and Chris came in at the same time just after me.  1.5 miles, 2000 feet up. . . when you put it that way I don't mind that it took me an hour.  I was happy that we found another winded hiker waiting before the 3 mile run down the mountain to take our picture.

He was a very nice man but he didn't get one with the view and since we had made it to the top. . .

By the time I got to the bottom again oddly I wanted to do it again.  I will miss you CO and all your amazing hiking abilities!

On a sad note.  Due to. . . well, circumstances out of my control we had to climb down the rail ties we had just climbed up (not advised... not safe) and we found our selves slipping and falling.  So aside from the normal cuts, nicks and scratches to be found *sigh* I had my camera with me.  My beautiful 50 mm 1.4 lens landed with a thud on a tie and is no more.  A moment of silence is needed. . .

Other than that very sad note it was a wonderful trip filled with fun and exciting new things and amazing people.  If you ever get a chance to go to CO: GO!  If you ever get a chance to go with amazing people to CO: REALLY GO!  Makes me want to start singing "America the Beautiful"


  1. Wow, that sounded like an epic hike!! It's always so worth it when you make it to the top. Sorry to hear about your lens casualty. :(

  2. Whoa, I would have never done that (scared of heights!) Good on you for working through the pain and your fear and just doing it! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  3. Wow! What a climb! Well done!!! Thanks for linking up this week :)

  4. wow!! that's incredible! and it seems the views were worth it?

    i'm sorry about your lens though:(