Monday, August 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Monday

Once again I take on Ashley's challenge of the photo scavenger hunt

1. Empty streets 

I wasn't sure what to do with this but I was stilling in my car and couldn't help but enjoy the view.

2. Repeating Pattern

This spot is near Virginia Beach, so beautiful and peaceful. 

3. Floor
I was doing an anniversary session and I looked over to where they had placed their shoes down... too cute

4. Then and Now

In DC to visit a dear friend and revisiting all the sites I can't help but go to "the wall"... My dad took me there when I was young and pointed out all the names he knew.  You can see it without understanding but if you stop and think about each name... a deep sadness can overwhelm.

I recently had the joy of taking this we one's photos and she turned out to be too cute.


  1. These are great- I really like your repeating patterns shot!

  2. Great set! And I'm with Ashley...your repeating patterns shot is FABULOUS!

  3. Awesome, I like your repeating pattern shot and the floor shot....

  4. awesome! especially love the last one!

  5. All of these pictures capture something special, I can def feel the sentiment behind each...