Friday, August 5, 2011

I got quill... I got quill... hey, hey, hey, hey

Yes, one more layer of my geek-dom has landed.  I have refreshed and search these days long on potter more and finally got my quill yesterday.  I was close on Wednesday but didn't get it but yesterday I finally got it.  I am apart of the privileged few many who get to take part in Pottermore's beta.  Not sure what it means but I had to try it!

Leave me alone trying to keep the legacy alive!

But in all seriousness the trivia questions were... let's say more than a little lame but I guess if it was designed for kids...

For those of you still out their trying you still have 2 days!  You can do it.
For those of you who think I am crazy, it's ok, you're right.  Just be glad that you don't live with me ;P

On to life, today I am choosing despite the muggy heat to deeply enjoy this weekend.  These past two weekend were supper hectic with travel and schedule.  This weekend I am going to take a respice, rest and enjoy life.  What are your plans?  I encourage you to take a day: recharge, it's mandatory... if that's possible ;P

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