Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Editing... part two of the photography world?

Yet again it is time for a editing challenge!  So here is My Reflection of Somethings shot and my edit.  And as all the ones before I used the free Google editor Picasa to show you can have a great shot and do a great edit with little to no cost!  

So here we GooOOoooo (said with a silly yet adventuresome tone)



Nice and simple like... I took the picture and did a series of saturating the color and filtering it through a tint (three times, saturation then filter, saturation then... you get the idea) to bring out the colors but in the tints I like, then I added a bit of glow (adjusted the radius and intensity of the glow as to just add a bit of softness) then a blured the edges just a bit (mainly wanted to take away attention from the grass and place more focus on the girls) then I warmed up the overall color of the shot.  Doesn't take long and results in the look I wanted.  Don't get me wrong I am not saying that Photoshop and Picasa are equal but saying for most people out there Picasa is all you need, it is super easy to use and FREE!  Hope you enjoyed my edit at least, you can mainly ignore the rest, for I mostly don't know what I am talking about... or so I'm told ;P

My Reflection of Something


  1. this turned out very innocent looking...great edit job!

  2. i think this is super sweet. and you're very right, for some folks, Picasa or Picnik will do everything you could ever want and for $0!!!

  3. I am SO glad you fought for Picasa this week! That's what my blog is all about, not going overboard with camera and photo editing equipment when a point and shoot and free photo editing software may be all you need. Yipee!

    Wasn't sure if I would like the dulled down version of my photo. I was thinking it was going to look better with a color pop. You proved me wrong! What a great edit! Definitely an innocent and somewhat vintage feel to it. Well done!