Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trying to connect the dots

Up with a start, my husband rushes to a impromptu meeting, it's early but I figured I'm up, I'm up.  I rush to my closet, not leaving my house for hours but too excited to wait.  Hands through my hair as I look over each shirt and wonder, does this work?

I love emailing, talking and meeting with brides.  Adds such excitement to life.  It reminds me how important this wedding is, for each wedding.  So often when you do the same thing over you can let it get old.  I don't want that with my photography.  I wanted to jump out of bed in the morning for the possibility to capture a moment forever.

Today, I meet with a bride for my first destination wedding.  She happened to be in town visiting a friend and so we are set to meet.  It will nice to put a real person to the wonderful woman to whom I have been talking.  My goal is by the end of each wedding that the Bride and I are friends.  It helps me take better pictures, getting to know your personality and attitude, and we each end a friend richer.

So I am excited to see my soon to be new friend.

On a side note to any brides (soon to be or already are) out there, is there anything in particular you wish you would have gone over with your photographer?

(and yes, I did randomly pull a Katy Perry Lyric, I don't care what anyone else thinks but I think she is too cute)

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