Friday, August 12, 2011


Things I know that amuse me...

Interesting thought process to follow.

When people grab purses, bags, children and pretty much anything they can find to cover their heads from rain.
The animations on my husbands video games #castle crashers
The fact that my husband actual gets milk mustaches
In the car thinking what have I left.... my keys
Conan O'Brien
The way I eat my cereal ( 7 bowls that are about 4 bites each...nothing worse than soggy cereal)
The five minutes it takes me to chip my freshly painted nails without fail
An evening hanging and talking with my husband, every time
The way my husband falls over with laughter because of LOL cats
The way that words... almost any of them can be made into innuendos
Demetri Martin
How angry I get every time I try to roll out pizza dough.... It won't stay!
The fact that thinking about that last one actually made me a little upset
I get emotional invested in video games... even while watching... *Gasp* head turned away, "Nooooo Mario don't go there..."
Making this list

Just a few things... bad for you guys I could have gone on and on...

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  1. Conan O'Brien is ace :)

    Thanks for joining in!