Monday, August 29, 2011

Scavenge! On your face?

So do you remember the craze of saying "your face"?  I'm still guilty of it... it is generally shouted when I am trying to smack talk (an ability I do not posses).  Random but it is what came to mind when I went to write the title.  Anywhoooo, today is another day of following the scavenger hunt!

1. Old and New

2. Night photography

3. Music

This is one of those things that you hear the prompt and automatically thing of it.  I played flute for over 6 years... and haven't picked it up for over 6 years...  
Photography love...

4. Cheesy
I wanted to get a super "cheesy" shot of over the top amazing-ness, but settled on cheese

5. Sun


  1. Such great work - I'm really loving your night photography shot!

  2. your night shot is great, and I like the cheesy.

  3. Love the night shot & the flute. I used to play when I was in grammar school!

  4. I love your night shot! Great idea with the sihouettes. Thank you for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!