Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simple and Sharp

When it's been a while since I have been behind the camera I forget how much I crave it.  These last couple of days has been super busy and I haven't gotten around to do my love... this morning I loved it!

Here is yet another break down of editing just for you... ;P

 I cropped it a little, then I pulled out the shadows, added a bit of high light, pulled out the color, warmed it up a bit then did a a filter through a white base.  Took moments to get the look I was going for and for free with Picasa (just like all times prior).

Pulled out the shadows, pulled up the light a bit, sharpened it, filtered the black and white through a burnt orange, pulled out the shadows a bit more.  Simple, sharp and what I was going for...

Threw this one in just for fun... it had a lovely texture!

The Daily Wyatt


  1. Very nice job with your edits - you kept it clean and simple.

  2. You just brought the right amount of depth and contrast into your edits.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Love your edits. So simple.

  4. I love the added contrast and sharpness in your edit. I like the b&w edit too!

  5. I love the depth of field and interesting angles in your photos! The edits are perfect.

  6. Love the shadows and how you brought them out and the little weed too.