Thursday, July 21, 2011

I feel like a chipmunk

I love traveling and I even love packing... but I hate repacking and unpacking.    I am more than guilty of the take all the clothes in your bag and dump them in the dirty.  Some how coming out of the dryer I am more ok with putting them away.  I am a bit OCD and I like to have control, especially in the small things.  So even when I have finished backing I will check and triple check the bags.  The odd thing here is that I don't expect to find anything missing or forgotten but instead I get joy from having thought of it all... I know, I'm psycho.  Aren't you glad you aren't Chris!

This particular time I am directly going from one packing to the next... thus I unpack our small overnight bag and pull out our for real bags.

Unless going somewhere over 2 weeks I refuse to check a bag.  It isn't that it cost money, but don't get me wrong I am cheap, it is that out of the 4 times I have checked a bag they have damaged or lost it 3 of those times.  Plus there is something about knowing that you have everything with you, in hand.

It is also my game to pack as little as possible while having everything I need.  I lay my clothes out by day, not that they are assigned but it makes it easier for me to have a guideline/timeline.  A day out and we are set, packed, zipped and next to the door,  ready to roll... literally. ;P

Colorado here we come! 

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